Thursday, July 9, 2009

Exhibition: Avant-garde Art Deco Jewellery at the Musee de Arts Decoratifs, Paris

Jean Despres Pendant, 1932

If you find yourself in Paris, head to the wonderful Musee de Arts Decoratifs. Currently they are showing an exhibition getting great reviews of avant-garde Art Deco jewellery. Hailed as the first of it's kind, this exhibition showcases some of the best French jewellers who were leaders in this style.

The Art Deco period was marked by a post-war rebirth and a rejection of the old while embracing the modern. There were advances and innovations in technology, science, art and architecture. The jewellery in this exhibition was created in this environment and reflected this new age. Some of the pieces in the exhibition are instantly recognisable as Deco and Cubist inspired, while others look incredibly timeless and even contemporary.

These jewellers would have been radical in their day and I can imagine these pieces being purchased by the wealthy intellectual elite who would have worn them to the most amazing soirees! After all, the jewellers shown in this exhibition were using the gold and precious stones. This was jewellery for the wealthy and few. The exhibition ends July 12th, 2009.

Cartier Bracelet, 1930

Jean Fouquet Bracelet, 1931

Jean Despres Brooch, 1937

Jean Fouquet Brooch, 1925

Gerard Sandoz, 1928

Raymond Templier, Cigarette Case, 1930

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