Sunday, June 21, 2009

Winter Daydream: Hotel Aire de Bardenas

In this Melbourne winter afternoon, I have been day dreaming of a holiday somewhere warm...

Hotel Aire de Bardenas is my kind of architectural haven. Set in a dramatic landscape in Navarre, Spain, it was featured in Wallpaper Magazine and the great website Remodelista (thanks to the gorgeous Sunday Ganim for pointing it out to me!). Designed by Barcelona based architects
Emiliano Lopez and Mónica Rivera, you can see more of their work here

Each room is designed as a 'cube' with one or two rooms; there are 22 in total.

These timber structures are designed as both wind-break and fencing, and are make from recycled local produce boxes from near-by farms.

Window boxes which create a cosy space for bedding, the architects call them 'inhabitable windows', I immediately want to be in this space.

Bathroom with private courtyard

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  1. For sure, this hotel look so great

    Sun is what u looking forward to, then u can visit some part of rajasthan also.