Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Engrave Your (Moleskin) Bookcover

Engrave Your Book is a great company from Portland, Oregon in the US which offers customised leather covers for the classic Moleskin notebooks. I can imagine they would only improve with age and use, and are a great way to dress up a Moleskin. They come in both pocket and notebook sizes. Who doesn't love customising their favorite notebooks? Better than using your favorite scratch 'n sniff stickers (although they were pretty awsome!).

You can choose from some beautiful artist designed covers or even design your own! The image is laser engraved onto the leather and the results are sharp. They also allow artists to submit three designs for possible production, successful applicants get 15% of the sales from their design. Never being a great illustrator myself, I think I may just have to buy one or have one made from a favorite photograph!

Covers illustrated by the following (from top to bottom):

'Mermen' by Michael Hsiung
'Drawing Yourself Into a Corner' by Neil Doshi
'Saw' by Dan Funderburgh
'Knifes' by Dan Funderburgh
'Elephant' by Jacob Escobedo
'Waves' by Justine Ashbee

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