Monday, August 2, 2010

Surrealist Mash

I was looking at the Designboom Sunday edition email (get on their website to join their daily emails, they are great). The work of Norwegian artist Are Mokkelbost caught my eye.

He makes the most arresting collages from magazine clippings. The way he produces them is really sophisticated, transforming the faces of beautiful models into skulls without eyes. His composition is really complex, layed and reminds me of Rococo frescos on the ceilings of catherdrals.

It also brought to mind the surrealist work of Australian James Gleeson, the late great surrealist painter and his figurative works. I really enjoy the way Mokkelbost's collages are so sharp and digital looking yet cratfed tediously by hand, some taking upto 3 years to complete. They are a contemporary and fresh approach to working with the age old subjects of mortality, beauty and death. 

For more on Mokkelbost's work, link to Designboom above or see more images of his work on an earlier web article from Booooooom


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